January, 2021 –
UAV is a project that can be boldly marked as a “step into the future”. Unmanned equipment, monitoring, collection, evaluation or visualization of data in a fully three-dimensional space, these are new challenges, that even today seem futuristic, but tomorrow we may take them as certainty.

Its main goal is research and development of intelligent operating and processing systems for UAV, which should combine the main strengths of UAV, with low operating costs and high information acquisition speed with operational decision-making and reliable predictions based on artificial intelligence.
Team YMS collaborates on the project with pleasure, because we are building on experiences, which have been our own since the establishment of the company. Precisely digitalization of technical documentation in industry, digital map data, geospatial data, process-agenda solutions are foundations, on which YMS built the success of the brand. We contribute to the mosaic project with research on automating tools for 3D interpolation of drone measured data, identifying anomalies in cloud measured data and visualisation of this data through virtual reality.” explains Director of Research and Innovation Projects, Radovan Sunega.
Scientific teams from five independent partners in the project UAV focus on research and experimental verification of possibilities/options, ways and forms of  involving autonomous systems – understand autonomous drones, which are “garaged” in special starting and charging boxes and are ready to take off and monitor technological, production and logistics of an industrial site or manufacturing plant at any time. The biggest innovative output of the project should be the creation of such an autonomous system, including intelligent data processing, which the drones will collect as they move. The data evaluated in this way should also serve as a stimulus for adjustments of ongoing technological, production and logistical processes in real time.
The main partner of the project, Globesy, is creating an autonomous UAV platform and is exploring possibilities of implementing it in the industrial automotive production processes. The research done by the University of Žilina in Žilina focuses on the use and verification of possibilities of managing selected business processes by connecting to such a platform. Research team Quintec is focused on the autonomous operation of drones within the industrial area. Employees of the Technical University in Košice are exploring the possibilities of automated collection, processing and interpretation of large amounts of data in industrial conditions.