For 28 years we have been helping companies and organisations improve efficiency using modern information systems. It is our mission to provide state-of-the-art services with most advanced technology. We are a stable and reliable partner to our customers. We help them increase competitiveness and efectiveness.

We create and maintain geospatial and technical information systems for industrial companies and public service enterprises. We monitor and predict safety of technical operations using specialised systems for management and prediction of risk. We create geospatial analyses using modern geospatial information systems. We automate and organise trading on the gas market using specialised dispatching applications. We digitalise work processes and whole organisations, by customised indepth analysis and solutions supporting effectiveness, simplicity and speed.

We have been of the IT market since 1990. We provide consulting services, development and implementation of integrated technical and geospatial information systems. Our solutions support interactive management and administration of resources in real time, in connection with the geographic or other technical information.

  • We were the first to process graphic and geospatial data to digital form in Slovakia.
  • We are leaders in GIS, mobile and localisation technologies, document digitalisation, management of resources, maintenance, integration of information systems, including internet/intranet solutions.
  • We provide modern turnkey solutions for a variety of clients.
  • We implement most advanced technology such as: internet of things, remote sensing, machine learning and more.
  • We research and transfer knowledge in processing, evaluating and providing geospatial data.


YMS, a.s.
Hornopotocna 1
917 01 Trnava, Slovak Republic
IČO: 36 224 278, DIČ: 2020163090
IČ DPH: SK2020163090

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