Dokumenta, a.s. develops solutions for administering and managing company documents, electronic delivering of documentation, automatic approval processes, registry and electronic signature. YMS and Dokumenta cooperate as business and implementation partner in developing the enterprise content management solution, yPapers.

ESRI is one of the most important world creator of geospatial information systems and systems for managing geodatabases. YMS uses ESRI platforms and technologies in the geospatial information system, ySpatial.

Google is the world leader in map services. YMS uses google map services in several of its solutions.

Hexagon Geospatial provides software solutions, including geospatial technology Intergraph. YMS uses the Hexagon Geospatial platform in creating its own GIS solutions.

IBM belongs to leaders in inventing, developing and production of most progressive information technologies, including computer systems, database systems and microelectronics. YMS has been using IBM technologies for at least a decade in many solutions.

Intergraph je popredným svetovým poskytovateľom riešení a služieb pre správu a vizuálnu reprezentáciu komplexných informácií. YMS využíva technológiu Intergraph v niektorých riešeniach.

IT Association of Slovakia is a professional association of companies on the IT market in Slovakia. YMS is a business member. In 2011, YMS won the award for IT Project of 2011, which is awarded by ITAS, in cooperation with the Infoware Magasine, for the Electronic Guard project.

Microsoft is world software leader. YMS uses Microsoft Microfost technologies in several solutions and has been Gold Application Development partner of Microsoft for the past 10 years.

Oracle is the second largest software company in the world and the leading supplier of innovative global e-business solutions for commercial internet and web applications. YMS uses Oracle technologies in several solutions.