September, 2019 –

YMS, as one of the first Slovak companies operating in the space sector, regularly participates in the events of the SARIO agency, which is focused on the development of high tech sectors of the Slovak economy.

YMS debuted in the first year of ‘Slovak Space Tech Day’ in June in Košice, a pilot event with a series of activities aiming to open the door for space business for skilled companies. Around forty participants from companies and research institutions discussed opportunities to expand their network of contacts at home and abroad. The program included, except presentations and panel discussions with experts, also B2B meetings and a series of short ‘pitch sessions’ of eleven chosen innovative Slovak companies in the space sector. YMS was introduced by the Director of Business Development, Radovan Hilbert. For 30 years YMS has been delivering geospatial information systems for businesses and public administration. Deep technical and professional knowledge from working with spatial data is now being transferred to working with data from satellites, which, with suitably chosen interpretation technology, have a high added value for long-term decision making about appropriate management of territories and natural resources,“, said Radovan Hilbert. In other words, data from satellites can show changes on the Earth’s surface, that aren’t visible with the naked eye and any other accessible technology.
At another meeting from the SARIO meeting series, in September in Bratislava, YMS was involved as a participant in the panel discussions about experiences with implementing projects focused on the processing and interpretation of satellite data from the European Space Program Copernicus. “YMS and partners are currently solving research-and-development tasks related to the analysis of the state and predictions of various phenomena regarding forest growth. The goal is to use accessible satellite data in a way, that optimise long-term care of forests and Slovak nature in general“, concludes Radovan Hilbert.
The European space industry is one of the most competitive in the world. According to data from the European Commission it employs more than 231,000 employees and creates an added value of around 53 and 62 billion Euros. For example, Europe produces a third of all the world’s satellites. Main partner of the groundbreaking “Slovak Space Tech Day 2019” was Europe’s leading space technology company, Thales Alenia Space.