March, 2022 – Once again, team YMS is leveraging its thirty years in the gas industry. By winning an international tender we also became Central European leaders in systems for business management of gas transport.

At the end 2021, we won an international tender from the Slovak gas transporter, Eustream for a new generation of the trading system. We developed the original system, yCapacity, used by both Eustream and Nafta, nearly 15 years ago, tailored for gas transport and storage. Technology has moved miles ahead and it is time for a complete rework. “Last year we created a new generation of pipeline integrity management (PIMS) for Nafta, received very positively by the users. It is based on the latest technology, highly specialized, and yet very intuitive with a user-friendly design. We will repeat similar success with Eustream via this trading system, which, after thirty years of service in the gas industry will reassert YMS as Central European leader,” says Director of Business Development, Radoslav Béreš.
The biggest motivator for a generational change is progressive technology. Mainly increased output, speed, efficiency, and security. “We introduced a new technological protocol. YMS applications will now consist of a collection of microservices, possibly from hybrid solutions, where microservices solve special performance-intensive tasks. It is a worldwide technological trend that completely overturned previous methods of creating information systems,” says the Technical Director of YMS, Marek Ivaňák. “Each microservice provides an independent part of the application and focuses on its own functionality and development. We efficiently utilize client’s servers, as necessary we use different sites, and clone services to handle loads, or modify them without turning off the entire system. All of that increases efficiency, security and reliability of services that need to be in operation 24/7,” YMS Software Architect Ivan Ilavský fills in technical information.
Experts on information systems in Eustream and independent users acknowledge the benefits and are cooperating with YMS on creating the new system. “We set the expectations for the new system. First and foremost, we require that it be built on modern technologies, which in addition to increased security and better performance will provide a high degree of scalability. Therefore, it will be easier to add, change or remove functionalities. In combination with an extended level of service support, we believe that in the mutually beneficial long-term cooperation we will be able to keep the system very stable, healthy, and state-of-the-art. Users will benefit from high levels of user comfort, customization of the environment, or for example data reports, automated processes of commercial dispatch in data exchange between partners and operators of interconnected transmission systems,” adds Miroslav Hajach, Business Analyst at Eustream.
The new yCapacity is built on our platform yAgenda and will be ready to go live in a year, i.e. in the spring of 2023. “It will contain all key modules, including public and private client services in two languages, a system for trading with many automated functions, and improved modernized processes. It is of course compliant with EU legislation and gas standards. We are expecting this system to serve the organization Eustream for as long as the last generation,” concludes Marek Ivaňák.