NewsYMS inovatívny čin roka
February, 2022 – The new system from the software laboratory YMS, ySpace, known as the space translator, won the award of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, Innovative act of the year in the category of service innovation. The minister awarded the winners on February 4th, 2022 at a celebratory reception in Bratislava.

Radovan Hilbert, director of Business Development and space technology expert, accepted the award on behalf of team YMS.
Innovations in the DNA
Awards were handed out for the thirteenth year in a row at this prestigious nationwide competition. ySpace, the innovative system that automatically downloads and analyzes satellite images won in the category of innovative services. YMS has innovations in DNA and is consistently technologically ahead of the times. “From the founding of the company we have been focusing on being the best at our specialization. We have won dozens of awards, many of which came from long-term partners and clients. Even before the turn of the millennium we were doing dynamic navigation in Dubai; we started doing localization of personal safety in Slovakia long before anyone else, and we even won the IT Project of the year and Innovative act of the Žilina Region in 2010. Our geospatial information system was awarded by the world leader, American company ESRI, with a special award for success in GIS on the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the company in 2015. Winning the Innovative act of the year 2020 simply confirms that YMS is still at the top of innovations in the IT field in its fortieth decade,” says the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Mikuláš Szapu.
Reward for the entire YMS team
The award was accepted at the celebratory reception in Bratislava from the hands of the minister of economy, Richard Sulík, by the director of business development of YMS, Radovan Hilbert. The award for the most innovative act of the year belongs to the entire YMS team that took part in making the solution along with our professional partners,” says Radovan Hilbert, who focuses on the development of practical uses of space technology and actively collaborates on partnership events and projects with YMS and the European Space Agency.
Space translator
ySpace translates diverse information from the satellite in a way that anyone can understand. It automatically downloads, reads, and evaluates current satellite images and presents the results in a simple and understandable manner to the user. If the client uses a GIS, it will add the results directly into existing maps, which allows for the combination of registered data with current satellite data. It serves, for example, foresters, farmers, water managers, infrastructure managers, large companies, and different types of territories. ySpace is the pilot project of YMS and partners, financed by the European Space Agency.