June, 2022 – The State Veterinary and Food Administration of the Slovak Republic (SVFASR) has been a client of YMS since 2007. We are happy that, like the gas and forest management industries, after 15 years of collaboration they also chose YMS to create a completely new system for the entire organization.

We received the repeated mandate after winning a public competition, and work on the system is already in full swing. The Comprehensive veterinary and food information system (CVEFIS) will be a key work tool for thousands of SVFA employees, farms, and veterinarians.
The general director of SVFA SR, Jozef Bíreš says: “The project will contribute to better health for users and an increase in food safety on the Slovak and even the European market, because warnings and data exchange will be sped up. The risk of introducing and spreading diseases will be reduced and the health of animals will improve. We are focusing on better controlling the handling of animal products and the use of medication in farm animals, which will lead to a reduction in the risk of residues.
Thanks to modernization and automatization SVFA SR will perform more checks, increase their quality and decrease the time needed to perform them. They will create electronic outpatient and slaughterhouse logs, unifying procedures, and data for around 1500 veterinarians. Citizens and entrepreneurs will submit reports, suggestions, and complaints electronically. Record keeping, registration, and approval of establishments, and activities will also take place electronically. Overall, access to services will be streamlined and the administrative load will be lessened.
The new system will replace the databases and functionalities of a number of existing unconnected systems in SVFA. It will improve electronic services and create a joint database, the Central data repository. The transition will be implemented by autumn of 2023 and will involve 41 state budget organizations of ŠVPS and 2 contributory organizations. In total, nearly 1300 users will utilize the new system daily,” says YMS Business Development Director, Radoslav Béreš.
SVFA also expects a significant reduction in the motivation to break regulations on the part of all subjects in the farming a food chain. The project provides a foundation for the “food chain” effort in Slovakia. This means it will be possible to trace the origin and processing cycle of food products of animal origin. Citizens will be able to find out the origin of the meat they buy, the origin of the animal, its method of breeding, examination results, the application of antibiotics and other medicines, the methods of transportation, the place of slaughter and the ante and post mortem processes. All this information will be part of CVEFIS and it will be possible to provide it automatically and in digital form to the eventual food chain system.
The project will fulfill all the steps of thorough electronization. There will be a process analysis of the current and optimized state, an analysis of data and functionalities of the new system, and a proposal of the overallCVEFIS solution. The proposal will include transferring data into the new database, integrating other systems and data sources, establishing systematic data management, data publication in the form of reference, and open data as well as data cleaning to the required quality. This will be followed by coding, testing, implementation and deployment of the solution into the customer’s government cloud environment. Finally, testing, documentation preparation, and user training.
CVEFIS fulfills principles of the National Concept of Informatization of Public Administration, such as once and enough, open standards, government cloud first, ease of application use, client orientation, transparency, and many other important principles.
SVFA SR as a state administration body is responsible for the performance, management, control, and guiding activities and operations in the field of veterinary care of animal health, animal protection, feed hygiene, ecology, veterinary pharmacy, official control of food and hygiene for food of animal and plant origin, special commodity regimes belonging to laboratory diagnostics and a rapid warning system for food and animals.