One of our key priorities is long-term partnership with clients, professional and technology partners in Slovakia and around the world. Software tools that help clients in the long-term always emerge thanks to in-depth cooperation.

From Software Creators to Colleagues

YMS team cooperates with professionals on all levels of the clients organisation. Thus, during software creation all professionals get to express their needs. From managers through specialists and programmers to end users, who work with the software tool on a daily basis. “YMS project managers, analysts and developers work with the client in project teams. As software creation and maintenance is a long-term process, they become colleagues and often even friends. We serve clients that are with us for two decades,” sais Stefan Hudak, project manager for forest and gas industries.

Software for Business Development

Thanks to precise cooperation we know in-depth key processes, activities and professional practices at clients organisations. The software we create helps them do their business better and implements a standard, which sets the ground for further business or service development. For example, electronic trade dispatching for gas companies, yCapacity. “We develop it for Nafta and Eustream for more than 10 years. The first benefit is acceleration and simplification of daily work, but thanks to the dispatching, both companies keep widening their portfolio of electronic services, as well as analyse clients behaviour in depth,” explains Marek Ivanak, YMS Operations Director. The same principle works with all our software solutions.

Potential for Innovation

In almost three decades we created a wide technology portfolio, which is, in connection with knowing client businesses, an ongoing inspiration for innovation. “We know the possibilities of modern technology, which is why we can predict client requirements and needs and be ready. A simple example is the electronic dispatching for the road administrators. After the system was launched, we implemented mobile devices, which became and instant hit and opened many new avenues for further development,” sais Radoslav Beres, Director of Division of Network Industries.

Reliability and Crisis Endurance

YMS is proud of 100 percent reliability, trust and service quality even in projects with difficult dimensions and short timeframes. We successfully completed many projects that ran into unexpected problems or holdups. “We brought the Slovak accreditation service to final successful stage only after the previous efforts in a consortium of partners failed. The YMS team held on and expended extra effort and and professionality outside of all planned activities. Our prize is, after several years, winning the public tender and the position of exclusive supplier of the accreditation system in the coming 4 years,”  the YMS Operation Director, Milan Kanya concludes the topic of cooperation and partnership.