October, 2018 –

The GeoSpatial Visions is our annual professional and social experience for our clients. This year, in hotel Sitno, we managed, as usual, to enrich participants with radical knowledge and refreshing entertainment. 

GIS and Electronisation

Data, in precise and timely parameters, are needed for any good software tool. And it is not a problem of today, to gather data, on the contrary, managers are overwhelmed with them. The mastery begins when professionals are able to discover and correctly interpret just the data, that help client improve the business. Foresters presented their competent work with data even in the forest, with no access to the net. Scientists from the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) showed the almost unlimited options for analysing new satellite data available to anyone. Professionals from the Land Fund uncovered their intention to go digital. The YMS team introduced its new solution that combines decades of know-how for precise selection, evaluation, integration and utilisation of data, which opens brand new ways of managerial decision making.

The subsequent panel discussion connected digitalisation professionals from all areas: the public sector, business, non-profit, and even an organisation that underwent radical electronisation and changed its operation from the very beginning. Electronisation, especially in the public sector, is a broad topic, often controversial, and the debaters were not spared any tough questions.

Relax with Sports

All business partners, as ever, appreciate to connect in an informal way, after the conference. The IT Olympics, where all partners can compete in team sports, for a change, is a rare opportunity to think, feel and talk out of the traditional business box. Rest from the learning quest is not allowed in the evening either, where YMS team always offers presentations or tastings close to their hearts.

We love this tradition, just like you, and are already working on the GSV 2019. New topics, inspiring surprises and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. See you at the end of September 2019.