December, 2022 – Several months ago YMS won the public competition of the Railways of the Slovak Republic, which plans to join the pan-European initiative to increase the competitiveness of rail transport.

The project called Timetabling and Capacity Redesign (TTR) is a common goal of several European organizations and should be implemented during the years 2024 and 2025. Funds from the Recovery Plan have been set aside for its implementation, and preparations are underway in Slovakia directly under the supervision of the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic.

This is an ambitious project that requires deep analytical preparations for all countries. The main idea is to modernize the system for allocating railway capacities to carriers on the European level so there are no duplicates, delays, or inefficiency. YMS has already been supplying systems for capacity management in the gas industry for both Eustream and Nafta. That is why we were a qualified and ultimately successful bidder for the TTR project in Slovakia,” says the director of the YMS network industry division, Radoslav Béreš.

Last year, at Eustream, we won the Central European tender to supply the second generation of business dispatching, after 10 years of them using the first one. YMS succeeded in the international competition and we became the software leader in the field of capacity planning on line infrastructure. We have in our hands huge and proven know-how, that we are making full use of for the Railways of the Slovak Republic,” adds Radoslav Béreš.

The study for ŽSR is taking half a year over four stages and the outcome will be a complex view of the impact of the project on/in Slovakia. It establishes how the project can help the Slovak railway infrastructure and will determine the activities that ŽSR needs to take for the project to be possible and successful in Slovakia. It will evaluate the technical feasibility of the project on our railway infrastructure, financial sustainability, and socioeconomic justification. It will describe the current situation of the railway transportation market in Slovakia and the opportunities for improvement in light of all the upcoming changes.

The TTR project has the goal to eliminate problems with allocating capacities of the European railway infrastructure. “Freight carriers today have to order train routes 8 to 20 months in advance, with a large percentage of those orders being “just in case” because they don’t know the exact capacity well in advance. The result is a much higher amount of requests compared to the actual capacity, with 75-80% needing to be constantly updated. This means a large loss of resources for both carriers and infrastructure managers,” saysTomáš Mišovič, project manager and leader of the feasibility study at YMS, simply explaining the problems of European railway capacity to be solved by the TTR initiative.

The TTR project is being prepared by RailNetEurope (RNE) and Forum Train Europe (FTE) with the support of the European Freight Train Association (EFTA), the European Railway Agency (ERA), and the European Commission (EC).



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