January, 2023 – We continue to move software research into more accurate acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of data. That is how the concept RainLife was created, a proposal for software calculating the potential of rain for business.

It will contribute to better estimates of return on investment into so-called blue infrastructure.
Water, climate, and the influence of man
Demands for water are constantly increasing, the population is growing, industry and agriculture are growing stronger, and humanity’s footprint on the Earth deepens. Climate change, whether by man’s action or not, is dramatically changing the water cycle. The interim between precipitation lengthens into extreme droughts and rain is changing into extreme downpours. Sometimes there isn’t enough water and its price rises, elsewhere there are huge amounts of rainfall causing floods or landslides that endanger lives, safety, and property. Wherever we look, this development is obvious and undeniable.
Rainwater as a source
The logical conclusion, from which a strong market of the so-called “blue infrastructure” developed, is to capture rainwater for industry, agriculture, and residential areas. For now, market players are focusing on infrastructures, i.e. vessels, pipes, and drainage systems. “Hardware” is constantly improving and as in the field of solar energy, looking at the numbers, exponential growth can be expected.
Software for better estimation
RainLife takes the game a step further and, as a specialized modeling software, calculates the amount of water that can be captured in a specific area. The goal is to provide investors with a more accurate calculation for return on investment into blue infrastructure. “The service RainLife will be an intuitive portal, where businesspeople, municipalities, or even individuals can find out the retention potential of a specific territory. The software automatically calculates the area of the territory, typical weather, and average level of precipitation and provides the user with an approximate volume of captured rain,” says YMS Business Development Director, Radovan Hilbert.
Watch a video about the new concept RainLife: