November, 2020 –
At the Autumn Conference of the Slovak Gas and Oil Association (SGOA) and the 30th anniversary of the operation of YMS, a.s. on the IT market, the highest representatives of SGOA, Mr. Tomáš Malatinský, President and Mr. Richard Kvasňovský, Executive Director, presented YMS with an honorable mention.

This is a valuable award, appreciating the long-term contribution of YMS to the industry. YMS has been a member of the professional gas and oil organization as a software company for many years.

In addition to the company’s membership, the director of the YMS network industries division, Radoslav Béreš, is also a member of the SGOA board for the third consecutive term. In 2021, he will complete 18 years of continuous service. “Energy is, on the one hand, a conservative sector, but currently in the spirit of climate change it is so dynamic that staying in it is an art form. The young lady YMS proves this for 27 years in natural gas, which is why I am raising this beautiful award today,” says Radoslav Béreš.

Due to the pandemic situation, the prestigious annual SGOA conference was held online and it was not possible to present the award according to the original plan. The gentlemen from SGOA therefore handed it over on a friendly visit to the headquarters of YMS, a.s. in Trnava into the hands of Radoslav Béreš and Mikuláš Szapu, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of YMS.