April 2021 –
At the beginning of the year 2021, the company Nafta, a.s. upgraded to a new generation of monitoring and simulating risk development in high-pressure pipelines. The risk modeling program that is full of technical data while also being user-friendly was made by an experienced team of YMS.

The goal of the creators was to combine available diagnostic data in such a way that the user received only accurate, professional and at the same time visually pleasing data suitable for decision making. “The new risk model fulfills the needs and expectations of even the most demanding professional client. It contains all the available technical data, clearly presented. Analytical calculations are incorporated inside the model, which is why the user sees only clearly marked risk measurements along the entire pipeline. We combined several analytical windows on the main diagnostics screen with which we not only achieved transparency, but we also accelerated and refined the view of every detail. The user can get to the screen about the risk at whichever part of the pipeline in the smallest amount of clicks, and in the necessary level of diagnostic detail, including the location on a map. We present the data in tables, graphs or color-coded infographics. The experience of working with the risk model is thus clean, clear and pleasing to the eye, despite the expertise of the issue and the technical complexity,” says the technical director of YMS and the head of the project of the new generation of risk monitoring system, Marek Ivaňák.
The risk model consists of two separate modules and covers all three areas that management of the business needs for analysis and to simulate risks. All the diagnostic data in one application, a complete overview of the actual risk measurement/extent on the entire monitored infrastructure and the option to simulate any variant of future risk development.
A unique part of the model is the simulation of changes in risk in relation to the changes in weight of monitored parameters. “We created a tool, with which managers responsible for risk control can immediately test what really happens if the importance weight of any parameter changes. The risk model of pipelines for Nafta monitors nearly thirty risk parameters simultaneously, where each has a different weight and is monitored using different diagnostic data. In the standard setting the risk of each parameter is automatically calculated based on the valid internal regulations of the company. In the new generation model the user works with the base of the model itself. This means that it creates an unlimited amount of its own risk development scenarios by adding and removing the weight of parameters, or even the parameters themselves. According to its intentions, the application automatically recalculates all analysis in the diagnostics screen,” explains Marek Ivaňák.
The YMS expert team thus succeeded in developing a new way of working with risks on the technical infrastructure. They created a managerial tool, in which they successfully combined highly professional issues and the maximum degree of user simplicity. “The average IT user is used to intuitive applications and simplicity, but the majority of technical systems aren’t made to such a degree. YMS utilised its 30 years of technical experiences and created a managerial tool that doesn’t have any competition in design, functionality and expertise,” says the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mikuláš Szapu, evaluating the result of work done on a new generation of risk model.
RIsk modeling has been the flagship of YMS for its third decade. It is suitable for whichever technically demanding infrastructure that requires risk monitoring, like for example electricity networks, railway infrastructure or technical areas. It consists of interconnected and data-linked applications that run on the latest technology and provide each company with the opportunity to further develop the system and fill it with data.