July, 2019 –

The paper discusses and compares the methods used to map the slope processes in Vrátna dolina, in which after extreme precipitation in 2014 there was a landslide, a significant movement of earth.

YMS and partners performed a comparison of results of field and aerial laser mapping of areas affected by the landslide. The goal was to verify if the aerial laser scanning and the subsequent processing of data using specialised algorithms can replace field surveys. It is very important in cases, where it isn’t possible to physically access the field for a survey due to the area being difficult to enter, being covered by vegetation, or there being risk of injury.
The results of the study showed that aerial laser scanning and technology Proxima is just as effective at detecting slope deformations as direct field surveys. In all four compared localities there was a high correlation between data measured in the field and Proxima detected data. The technology even made it possible to identify cloud points of several other smaller landslides with the laser, which weren’t found in field surveys.