March 2018 –

YMS implemented, in full, the requirements of the ISO 27001 norm on information security and received a certificate from the certification company Bureau Veritas Slovakia s.r.o.

„For 18 years, YMS has been holding and diligently maintaining the quality certificate ISO 9001, which guarantees quality of our processes to our clients. This year we also received the ISO 27001 certificate, which protects data and information. Both certificates confirm that YMS obeys professional process approach and strives for continuous increase in satisfaction of the customer not only through quality of our solutions but also through quality of protection we provide for client data and information“, sais Zuzana Palsovicova, YMS Project Manager and Internal Auditor.

Internal company as well as client data and information are assets that are of great value to YMS. They exist in many forms – printed, written, saved on a variety of devices or shared by electronic mail. However, in any form or shared in any way, the data must always be protected, which is the aim of the ISO 27001 norm. Safety of information is aimed at a wide range of threats from unauthorised access to the internal network, to client data, through technical breakdowns to focused malicious attacks. Data protection ensures that YMS professional teams as well as the company as such can continue to work without any interruptions, minimises trade loss and maximises return on investment and business opportunities.