March, 2023 – New system for managing trading with transport capacity of the Slovak transit gas network is available and is currently undergoing acceptance testing by the customer. First responses are positive and we believe that the system will once again meet the gas dispatchers’ requirements for many years to come.

High standards
The business dispatching in YMS’s portfolio under the name yCapacity is in accordance with current technological and safety standards for the creation of modern IT systems. “Several years ago YMS switched to service-oriented software architecture and microservices. Every new system, yCapacity especially, fulfills this standard. On top of that, yCapacity has a high level of security and automation,” says the head of the project and operational director of YMS, Marek Ivanák.
Fulfilled expectations
People can’t stop new trends in information technologies. They constantly improve and in recent years new demands for business systems to transport gas were being created at the same rate. Therefore it is not surprising that after more than 15 years of development and use of the current system came the time to replace it. The principal motivation to replace it came from the users’ and administrators’ requests to improve the security, performance, and stability of the system, its modernization, along with automation of processes. Based on the results of the first round of acceptance testing we can assume that the new product is fulfilling our expectations,” state Miroslav Hajach, specialist in business and network development, and Jaroslav Macák, head of commercial dispatch, on behalf of the client.
What areas does gas business dispatching deal with?
The new generation of the system for managing the business processes related to the transportation of gas across Slovakia, yCapacity, is replacing the original system developed specifically for Eustream nearly two decades ago. The new system fulfills modern technological standards and with a high level of automation covers the entire business agenda of Eustream.
  • Managing clients and contracts
  • Managing business processes of the gas company day
  • Determining transported quantities for invoicing
  • Balancing of the platform of the Slovak Republic according to the EU
  • Rules for operation in case of network overload according to the EU
  • Automatic sending of mandatory data according to the EU
  • Management of price decisions on tariffs
  • Management of business points on the transport network
  • Network repair management
  • Public portal for publishing data
  • Customer zone with services for clients
  • Management of clients’ financial guarantees
  • Integration into the European capacity sales platforms.