May, 2018 –

“An Evening in the Cabaret”, took place in the charmingly renovated Trnava Synagogue. Annual gathering of YMS management and top representatives of client businesses, as ever, provided out-of-the-ordinary entertainment. 

Actress Lucia Siposova, with her novel music and dance ensamble, Red Cat Cabaret, entertained us with their tasteful burlesque show, Ladies and Gentleman, which is regularly performed on stage in her private cabaret club in the centre of Bratislava. Director of Board of Directors, Mikulas Szapu, followed suit with a special tasting of the best world rums, which he selected and introduced himself, as a well-traveled and knowledgeable rum guide. Professional aromatherapists helped ladies to mix intuitively their own personal fragrance into a roll-on. The evening continued late, as YMS team does not just work hard at the computers, they party with the same amount of energy and devotion.

Our solutions help your business, our conferences connect software creators with users and our social evenings create unique opportunities to have high-class entertainment with business partners. An Evening in the Cabaret was another outstanding gathering in the series of YMS social evenings, following a merry spring celebration “Majales”, scary Halloween Soiree or Different Classics.