October, 2023 – In 2022 we received the award Innovative Act of the Year with the space translator ySpace from the Minister of Economy. We are now running for the IT community award for international trade dispatching for Eustream, which has made us one of the top digital partners in the gas trade in Europe.

The electronic trade dispatching service yCapacity is used by the company/organization Eustream to manage gas trading. The Slovak transit pipeline is one of the largest transit pipelines for natural gas transportation in Europe. yCapacity is a top of the line, world class technological system. It runs in two languages, is highly secure, highly automated, ergonomic with a modern client and a publicly accessible zone. It is the only system in Europe that is connected to all three European gas auction platforms.

It contains more than half a billion data points and performs 150,000 mathematical and business-intensive operations, 90% of them automatically. Slovakia, as a leading European gas transporter, can, in these challenging times, thus boast a sophisticated system that ensures the safety and reliability of this key commodity 24/7. Daily gas transport, transport prices, and many other current and historical technical and commercial information are available to every citizen on the Eustream website.

Map of the gas transportation network in SR and commercial points where commercial operations occur.


It’s not a sexy simple theme that is easy to talk about. On the contrary, a society-wide, essential, and professionally demanding system, professionally developed technologically and procedurally in a long-term cooperation between the client and supplier, serves us all without our being aware of it.