July 2021 –

ySpace application, created to automatically download and process satellite images for the purposes of forestry analyses, was introduced to all employees of the Forests of the Slovak Republic enterprise, Forester, in May 2021. 

Monitoring changes from the satellite

ySpace application, which downloads and analyses satellite images, was created for all industries that monitor development of a variety of phenomena in a particular area in time. Any organisation or public service enterprise, responsible for managing territories and infrastructure, where gradual and potentially negative or dangerous changes, invisible to the naked eye can occur will greatly benefit from ySpace. Farmers, foresters, water management, administrators of large territories, as well as control and regulatory bodies, which need to be able to predict the development of phenomena in a particular territory in order to decide about preventative or corrective measures. This is especially relevant as part of efforts to adapt to climate change.

Forestry phenomena of vegetation growth and barkbeetle proliferation

For the Forests of the Slovak Republic enterprise, YMS has, as part of a pilot project, created an automated software line, which autonomously downloads satellite images of selected area, and equally automatically evaluates vegetation growth, as well as potential barkbeetle proliferation during the whole vegetation season. Read more about the project and its results in the article titled: “New application helps foresters timely identification of troubles in the forest“.