We specialise in key processes, which are most important for the business of our clients and smooth functioning of their organisations. Our technical and geospatial information systems are their key working tools. 

Added Value
As consultants we enter in creating new software early, in the phase where clients begin considering a new software tool. We are a professional partner in discussion, who evaluates, using an analytical approach, what clients want, what they need and what modern technology can really help with. “This approach allows us to get to know the processes at the clients organisation and using technology, transform them into intelligent services, which make daily work faste, cheaper or easier”, explains YMS Operations Director, Marek Ivanak.

Long-term Partnerships
We connect with people on all levels in client organisations. From managers, who decide about the need for new software solutions, down to individual users, who use new tools on a daily basis. “Our teams of project managers, analysts and developers work with their partners in clients organisations. Our solutions pass through a thick filter, which makes them, in their final form, a really useful software tool,” continues YMS Project Manager, Stefan Hudak.

Modern Platforms and Technologies
YMS professional team is known for a critical approach to platforms and technologies. We choose and test technology, combine stable, verified platforms with new, innovative technologies and we dont avoid open source. Our intention is to create, for each client, the right mix of technologies to serve their business reliably and in the long term. It is not possible to draw a mix like this out of a box solution, as it will be different for each client, depending on real and particular needs.