February, 2019 –

YMS won the national competition for Healthy Company of the Year 2018 in the small companies category. We beat our own result from 2017, when we, as a newcomer to the competition, won the silver prize. Results of the 9th annual competition were announced by its organiser, health insurance company Union on Friday, 15th February 2019, during an evening event in the Old Market building in the centre of Bratislava. HR Specialist, Jana Morhacova, was awarded the prize on behalf of YMS.

“The selection committee was most interested in our systematic approach to health in the workplace through our programme Healthier YMS, along with our sincere effort to create healthy conditions in the office in a wide range of areas. In IT, where most of the work concentrates on sitting at computers, it is not that easy. We created a relaxation room from the previous office of the owner, which we use daily for working, meeting, relax and exercise. We have a flexible system of healthy benefits. We do sports together regularly as a team, we participate in activities such as biking to work, donating blood, sports competitions. We support our people to share their free-time activities related to sports and health with their colleagues, for example in the form of a workshop on healthy eating or demonstration of exercises for a healthy back. We created an electronic hub of healthy topics and ideas, we have a board with health-related articles and much more” describes Jana Morhacova the health-driven company strategy.  

Our company culture is to create a reliable and cohesive team of professionals, who help and enrich one another on the human level. In a team like this the topic of mental and physical health is sincerely important and activities that we create are really beneficial for the people.