YMS Strengthens Services with Internet of Things

25th November 2016 –

YMS constantly monitors IT trends in the area of geospatial and engineering solutions. One of the hot news is the Internet of Things technology (IoT), which is used for communication between devices. It brings us ways to get key information anytime, anywhere and easier and cheaper at the same time. Thanks to that, we have more opportunities how to use monitoring, controlling and intelligent systems in our solutions. The result are services for customer, which bring them overview about the status of individual system components, which can help them to manage production or plan maintenance more effectively.

Devices, which are involved in the communication network, are not a new topic in the world of technologies. However, objects connection had its limitations. It required to build expensive infrastructure or to involve wireless technologies, which were limited by their coverage, energy consumption or by price. “However, today we have available innovative technologies that overcome existing obstacles. Thanks to them, we can use energy saving devices with ten year battery life in wireless networks, while we achieve low overhead costs. Exactly due to these benefits, IoT is in the field of vision around the world,” explains the benefits of new technology YMS Team Leader, Tomáš Sanitra.

Internet of Things belongs among the hottest IT news today. It represents an extensive network of interconnected things. Everything that can be connected, will be connected. Coffee makers, water meters, automobiles, machine parts, animals, people, and other facilities. A data connection and built-in sensor suffice to create intelligent objects that collect and transfer data without human intervention. According to the analytical company Gartner, today's IoT network consists of more than 4.9 billion devices and it predicts an increase up to 20.8 billion till year 2020.

Nowadays, we meet with various networks such as the Internet, mobile networks or radio and television broadcasting. The newest, a further form, IoT network, joined to them. Three IoT networks are currently being built in Slovakia. Slovanet and Orange are fitting IoT transmitters for LoRaWan standard, SimpleCell Networs company for Sigfox standard. Their launch into commercial operation is expected in 2017. Of course, YMS wants to be there. Therefore, we have become partner of SimpleCell Networks company, with which we prepare pilot solutions for our customers. So we will be ready to implement projects immediately during the commercial launch of the network. Our clients can get all the benefits of IoT, as well as getting ahead of the competition,” reveals the closest YMS direction and plans at the end, YMS Director for Research and Innovation Projects, Radovan Sunega. 

Illustration photo: YMS.