GIS Slovak Forests Enriched with More Functionalities

27th May 2016 -

Only a year has lapsed since the SF GIS was awarded with a prestigious award by ESRI and the final phase of its development was complete, and again the system was enriched with more functions. These are being continuously proposed by users themselves, of which there is more than a thousand in the SF, from a variety of professions and local branch offices. „We are beyond pleased that the people themselves further ignite the dynamic development of their GIS. And that the enterprise management is very supportive to this. It proves that our GIS is used, useful and helping, which is the highest reward for any system developing company. In our team, we go even further by facilitating an active process for collecting requirements and their timely implementation – only in the past few months we worked on thirty such requirements, “comments on the speed of the awarded system development its YMS project manager, Štefan Hudák.

In the past three years, professionals from SF worked all the way from the first GIS draft up to a complex development plan for their newly-designed system. „Three years ago we completed the first analytical document with a specification of the solution. Since then we revised the document aiming for higher user comfort. The reason for this lies in the growing number of users who deepen and broadened its usage, and thus require widening to existing functions or adding new ones”, describes the GIS specialist, Ivan Pobis, what is the moving force behind this fast development. „We created a tool for collecting requirements, where we get improvement suggestions directly from our people – by e-mail, through technical support or in person at internal trainings. We rate the suggestions according to their importance and selected ones become part of the maintenance contract and are forwarded to the YMS development team to implement, “adds the IT project manager of SF, Jozef Sámel.

The most interesting improvement is connecting the map to the databases. „We widened the horizons of the GIS. We connected all spatial data with data from sheets that are not standard part of web-based GIS solutions. ySpatial supports displaying and editation of table measurements directly in GIS. Moreover, it logically connects this data with map elements, whether they are drawn points, lines or objects. In practice it means that the user can for example display on a certain forest growth a list of connected insect traps and thanks to this users centralise information in one point, see the data history or create statistical data more easily, “ describes one of the improvements YMS GIS Business Analyst, Slavomír Sipina.

Users can customise the improved map portal by saving own compositions of map displays, meaning territories and levels defined by each user. The same purpose serves the permalink, an intelligent map link, which allows users to focus on a concrete point in the map, eliminating navigation your colleague at a computer. Foresters can also use a shared note, which helps them in mutual communication, sending messages like on social networks.

Data editation and filtering have also been changed. „We made the level of data rights for advanced editation of map elements accessible from the level of branch offices to the level of forest administration. Foresters correct elements for selected levels only relevant to their areas,which brings editation more under their control. We also widened the possibilities of attribute and spatial filtering on the web. We added merging the results of two filterings or selection of elements in a zone, meaning filtering according to distance from a selected object. For example, if the user needs to mark an area of ten metres around a road in planned remoal of greenery,” concludes Slavomír Sipina.